Nanocleaner is a new type of window and door screen with a nanofibrous layer. It brings 6 benefits.

Nanofibrous layer is able to catch the following particles and prevent them from penetrating into the room:

  • Smog

  • Dust Particles

  • Allergens

  • Odour

  • Viruses

  • Bacteria

Due to excellent filtration properties, it can capture particles PM 2,5 and even PM1. PM2.5 particles are the most dangerous ones due to its ability to irreversibly reside in lungs. Those particles may contain toxic substances but also microorganisms.

Against insects

Nanofiber layer is attached with insect screen.

Thermal insulation

Keeps thermal comfort in rooms, it means cold or warm. This unique feature is very important for example in desert areas where it is not possible to keep open windows without escaping from the room. The network does not prevent air and ventilation, but strong winds.


The nanowindow screen is hydrophobic, thus the water does not soak in, allowing filtering function even during the rain.

Other health benefits

  • Blocks the strong wind coming through while allowing sufficient air stream.
  • The window can be opened even during colder and hot weather and rainfall. It can be used even in winter to prevent „sick building“ syndrome.
  • The mesh has an excellent light permeability, maintaining good visibility ~80%


There are 7 variants of the net differentiated by the location of use (Europe, India, China, desert countries) and individual customer requirements.

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The principle of how the whole composite works is illustrated by the following scheme:

History: from idea to production

The Nanocleaner is the result of 12 years research and development of nanofibrous membranes for air filtration. It is a product that takes full advantage of the unique properties of nanofibres, especially the ability to create barriers against penetration of small objects, such as bacteria, viruses and dust particles.

  • 2006

    Production line Nanospider to produce nanofibers

  • 2007

    Initiation of research and development in the field of industrial production of filtering material

  • 2011

    Initiation of research and development in the field of window filtration

  • 2012

    Development the first generation nanofibrous membrane

  • 2013

    Tests of the nanofibrous membrane by an independent authority in China

  • 2014

    Initiation another phase of development

  • 2015

    The first introduction of the new solution of window screen

  • 2016

    Patent for production technology

  • 2017

    Window Screen has won global acclaim - Top 10 Product Award

  • 2018

    Creating the Nanocleaner brand. Since then Nanocleaner has been funded and got to the market. Hi-Tech Fair China Award - Excellent Product. 

Our team

„I hold the position of CEO and I am a Member of the Board of Directors. I am a sales and marketing manager oriented on results, with a strong focus on business development and with rich experience in developing and implementing business and marketing strategies. I have more than 15 years of experience in sales and marketing management in the field of energy, in a dynamic transnational environment, and more than 12 years of experience in human resource management and leadership at level C-1.“

Jiřina Repaská
“I have studied material chemistry and food chemistry at Masaryk University and at the Technical University in Brno. I am the inventor of several patents for the production of nanofibers from biopolymer materials. I participate in research on water filtration and ceramic nanofibers for special catalytic applications.“

Baturalp Yalcinkaya
"I studied textile engineering at Suleyman Demirel University. Currently, I work as a senior researcher and participate in projects based on nanofibers, such as window screens and filter media for air purification.“

Vojtěch Kundrát